Torbay Holiday Helpers Network




GeoPark Adventure give FREE event entry to anyone willing to raise money for THHN.  Contact THHN direct for further information.




The idea of THHN has absolutely snowballed and it now sends families who have children with serious illnesses, bereaved families who have children and families with children who have a terminally ill parent from all across the UK on free holidays, not just to Torbay but to destinations across the country and abroad. The charity has grown at such a rapid speed thanks to the generosity of the local business community and businesses further afield.

When families come to Torbay on a THHN holiday they will be able to gain free entry and services from well over 100 businesses to enhance their holidays. Families who stay in self catering accommodation will be supplied with a good selection of food hampers that are donated from local businesses.

Thanks to very kind fundraisers THHN is now able to offer families who are in financial difficulty grants to cover their travelling expenses. Invariably when a family has a seriously ill member one parent will have to quit their job to care full time for the sick child or parent and this has a huge financial impact on the family on top of what they are already dealing with.

What THHN does is not going to change any situation or cure any illnesses but what it does do is give families something positive to focus on, acts as a good distraction from hospital appointments and situations families are faced with, but most of all it gives families quality time together to build those all important memories that they will treasure forever.