Orlando Rogers Foundation

GeoPark Adventure gives FREE event entry to anyone willing to raise money for the Orlando Rogers Foundation.  Contact either the foundation or us for further information.



Orlando Rogers Foundation. The Foundation was established in honour of the life of Orlando Rogers. It aims to encourage, inspire and support people, young and not so young, to achieve their full potential.

Orlando was an exceptionally talented and charismatic young man from Devon. At the age of 15 he became a British judo champion just one year after taking up the sport. He then went on to represent Great Britain in judo in 5 International competitions. At age 18 he took a commission in the Royal Marines and served in Northern Ireland as a Lieutenant and then as a Captain in Afghanistan. During his time in the Royal Marines he rowed across the Atlantic in a 2 man ocean rowing boat called “GoCommando” (‘going commando’ to avoid chaffing). He achieved all this and so much more before the age of 26 when he was tragically killed in a plane crash. His ambition, encouragement, words of affirmation and strength of character, coupled with his sense of humour and commitment to action are all part of the ethos of this Foundation.

If you want to achieve a life ambition, Orlando would have highly recommended you started yesterday. If you have doubts about your ability and want to turn back, he would have told you to keep moving forward and always try your hardest to get to where you want to go. So go out there, show the world that you can go far beyond what you thought. Need a bit more inspiration?

If you are willing and able to take on a challenge and raise funds for the Foundation then we’d be happy to help you, email us or check out our donations and fundraising page. Funds raised will be awarded by the trustees to selected applicants fulfilling our criteria.