English Riviera Global Geopark


To Partner with the English Riviera Global Geopark is an honour.  Helping to promote their excellent work of protection and promotion of our wonderfully beautiful English Riviera.

English Riviera Global GeoPark

Situated within the stunning, rolling hills of South Devon, Torbay's geology has created the beautiful coastline of today, which fundamentally links the rich diversity of landscape with wildlife, people and culture.

Undeniably, the geological tale behind the English Riviera Global Geopark is quite spectacular and one of  extremes. From a seascape bathed in the warm and beautiful tropical seas of the Marine Devonian to a landscape of arid, barren Permian desert and from our earliest relatives, living in caves, to modern civilization. The Geopark's outstanding historical contribution, both in terms of the development of geological and archaeological sciences is astounding, from the Huttonian Theory, to the naming of the Devonian Period by Sedgwick and Murchison and even Pengelly's discoveries influencing world wide public opinion as to the antiquity of man.

The unique combination of a superb geological resource, well-developed tourism facilities, a dedicated and innovative conservation trust and well-developed partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors makes this area well placed to develop a dynamic and successful Geopark, promoting geological heritage and sustainable development for the 21st Century.


Geoparks aim to protect geo-diversity and to promote geological heritage to the general public as well as to support sustainable economic development of the area, primarily through the development of geological tourism.
European Geopark Network
Founded in 2000 the European Geopark Network(EGN)was initiated by just 4 areas, Reserve Geologique de Haute-provence - France, The Petrified Forest of Lesvos - Greece, Vulkaneifel - Germany and Maestrazgo Cultural Park - Spain.  To date the network has gone from strength to strengh and now constitutes 58 members across Europe.  The European Geoparks Network has signed formal agreements with UNESCO's Division of Earth Sciences giving the network UNESCO endorsement and giving the EGN responsibility for regulating membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks in Europe. 

For information on the European Geopark network visit the European Geopark website by clicking here or by reading the latest EGN Newsletter
Global Geopark Network  

Launched in 2004 the Global Geopark Network (GGN) assited by UNESCO now has over 100 Geopark across 29 countries
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The Network provides a platform of active cooperation between experts and practitioners in geological heritage. Under the umbrella of UNESCO, and through exchange between the global network partners, important national geological sites gain worldwide recognition and profit through the exchange of knowledge, expertise, experience and staff with other Geoparks. You can find out more about the Global Geopark Network and see the latest GGN newsletter by clicking here