Love your HEART!

by Brendon Prince | February 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

Physical fitness means different things to different people but twenty years as a PE teacher and owner of an endurance events company has shown me you don’t have to be ‘ripped’, a size 8 or bench press a small house, you just need to be healthy!

For me focusing on a healthy heart will tick most of the boxes to living a happier, longer life. A healthy heart means regularly raising your heart rate. This can be achieved in a thousand different ways, by simply walking at pace to the shops, mountain biking with your mates at Cockington or jogging along the seafront. Living in a Global Geopark, we have a beautiful environment to get outside and ‘raise our heart rates’. Unfortunately busy lives and lack of time means the ‘raising your heart rate’ thing gets forgotten about or put off till tomorrow! Humans need motivation, a goal, direction, something to focus on if they are to change their lifestyle so raising their heart rate is part of their daily routine.

As an endurance event coordinator I help people get motivated by putting on events. Taking part in an event is a statement of intent just like joining the gym, buying a bike or running to work. These activities become your new goal but you need 3 human qualities if you want to succeed and continue in these new pursuits… Motivation, Confidence and Commitment.

What is your MOTIVATION for a healthier lifestyle? Get fitter, bravado in the pub, lose weight, new experiences, health scare? Wherever the motivation comes from it’s got to be strong enough for you to do something, start small but think big! If your motivation has been strong and you are regularly raising your heart rate you will start to feel confident, the confidence your heart, legs and mind has given you to turn up and train. CONFIDENCE is the 2nd quality. With confidence you will start, not feel embarrassed, you will want to ‘show off’ how much effort and hard work you have put in. This is where the 3rd and final human quality must take over. Hills, wind & rain, time, nutrition, your weight, will all pick away at your confidence to try and instill doubt and ultimately failure. This is when COMMITMENT must take over, commitment to get up the hills, commitment to try harder, commitment to fulfil your potential, commitment to finish what you started all those months ago. With commitment you will achieve your goal; you will cross the finish line!

Do something today that will raise your heart rate and take part with others in something that will help motivate, instill confidence and encourage commitment. What will you do to get your heart rate up?

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