Could YOU enter an event?

by Brendon Prince | August 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Could YOU enter an event?


It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure but what does it actually take to do an event? 5km park run at your local green space or an Ironman distance triathlon half way around the world, we believe you need 3 human qualities to take that step into events.

Quality #1… MOTIVATION, motivation to enter an event. What’s is your motivation? Get fitter, bravado in the pub, lose weight, new experiences, a change of direction after a lifetime playing team sports, be the best? Wherever the motivation comes from it’s got to be strong enough for you to part with some shillings and sign up, probably online, to a date and a distance.swim, bike, run or all three! This motivation has got to be bigger than the ability to push a computer mouse around and click ‘enter’. The motivation has to be big enough to get you out of bed for a cold morning run or on the bike after a long day at work. This motivation has to be fed to continue! Fed by others enthusiasm to congratulate you on entering an event, fed by others enthusiasm to be faster than you, fed by your desire to motivate your legs to ‘get up and move’. This is the hardest part of the process, as only your motivation will see you through the training stage of this journey. Only your motivation can remove any weakness! If your motivation has been strong you will start to feel the CONFIDENCE, the confidence your heart, legs and mind has given you to turn up on an early Sunday morning to start your race. CONFIDENCE is your second quality! With confidence you will start the race, you will want to push to the front, you will want to ‘show off’ how much effort and hard work you have put in to get you where you are right now! Heart pounding, butterflies churning waiting for the START of your event, with confidence, you will want to start your race and nothing is going to stop you. This is where the 3rd and final human quality must take over. Hills, wind & rain, other competitors, nutrition, hydration will all pick away at your confidence to try and instill doubt and ultimately failure. This is when COMMITMENT must take over, commitment to power up the hills, commitment to be faster, commitment to fulfill your potential, commitment to finish what you started all those months ago. With commitment you will finish your race, you will cross the line!

And so the event bug takes hold. You now have a NEW MOTIVATION, a motivation to beat your previous time, a motivation to be stronger and faster. The event entering cycle has started in your soul and all because of MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE and COMMITMENT.

Have you got these qualities?

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