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by Brendon Prince | August 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

Another of our bloggers is Jo who is completing all our events 2015 in aid of Rowcroft Hospice​ Here is her blog experience of her first open water triathlon and don't worry Jo, we will have Jelly Babies out with the lifeguards just for you for the GeoSwim!

GeoPark Triathlon (Sprint Distance)
Choppy!! What? Choppy? I didn't train in this type of sea the last couple of weeks! This is what the 750m swim for the GeoPark Triathlon threw at us! Hard work but I was helped by a lifeguard guiding me round and only a few Standard Distance race swimmers past me who started 15mins later! Got out onto Goodrington steps very relieved swim over and no jelly stings! In last place but I did it :)

I couldn't get the blooming wetsuit over the chip timer so took ages in transition but glad to be on the bike apart from facing them hills on the 24k route. Really enjoyed the bike and did it faster than in training and overtook a few people struggling up the last big hill. Ooo I might not be last after all!

Nearly left my race belt on the floor in transition this time but lovely volunteer marshal reminded me, so quick dash back & off on the seriously tough costal path on 6k run! So difficult to get into a pace with the steps but the scenery was fantastic, biting the head off a jellybaby helped and I stopped a couple of times to look at the view, reminding myself I need to enjoy this as much as finish this.

I was so very happy, hubby was not so happy after the Standard Distance but an awesome day. GeoPark Adventures event and team amazing again, so 3 down & 3 to go, next is another sea swim, nervous for this one, further to swim not the most attractive race for me I must say, let's hope not choppy & no jellies!

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