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by Brendon Prince | August 04, 2015 | 0 Comments

Hi Geopark Adventure team,

Thank you for putting on the GeoPark Triathlons. Both the standard and sprint distance triathlons were well-marshalled and brilliantly lifeguarded (much appreciated in the slightly choppy sea!). Brendon’s briefing was motivating and informative, and the event itself was brilliant! A mix of a tough challenge and great fun!

The Swim

The swim, a lap around four inflatable buoys for the sprint distance (750m) and two laps for the standard (1500m) was much rougher than last year. The tide was in so we had a deep water start and it was fairly choppy, particularly on the way out. It made for a really exciting swim and because it was so well-marked out with four inflatables and red space hoppers, we were still able to sight clearly.

I went for the standard distance triathlon as I did that one last year and have been training over summer for that distance. I also really loved the course so I thought I’d give it another go.

We watched the sprinters set off, were briefed, and then counted into the water. I have to be honest, it took me a little while to get in (I am a right wimp when it comes to getting cold!), but once we were in, there wasn’t long to wait until Brendon set us off.

As we learn to expect from mass starts, it was a little rough to begin with but soon everyone got into their rhythm and we swam round the course with no problems. That orange buoy at the end, just before the steps where we were getting out, made it really simple to sight the swim exit.

The Bike

The bike route was really well sign-posted and there really was never a dull moment! We were either climbing up country lanes, going down the hills (and making sure there was nothing coming round the corner), dodging horse riders or picking up the pace on the bits of more open road. It was an enjoyable race route that kept you concentrating, it is easy to see what Brendon meant by it not being a head-down, on the drops, sort-of race.

The Run

The Coastal Path never fails to offer a lovely run, and a challenge, especially after a hilly ride. Incorporating, running along Goodrington and Broadsands sea front, as well as through the woods around Broadsands and the golf course, you can definitely feel your legs by the time you get to the last set of steps on your return journey. It is great to do a triathlon with a mixed-terrain run too!

Thank you so much again Helen, Brendon and the Geopark adventure team, we had a great day and hope you did too!

Laura Jx

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