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by Brendon Prince | May 11, 2015 | 1 Comment

Triathlon England Major Events Bid-

A Torbay based endurance events company- GeoPark Adventure has been selected by Triathlon England to be part of its major events programme.  Only 10 key triathlon events have been selected around the UK to receive support and the wealth of resources, valuable media exposure Triathlon England can generate.  

Other Triathlons in the programme include the Portsmouth Tri, Leeds Castle Triathlon and the Outlaw Triathlon. Brendon Prince, founder of GeoPark Adventure was delighted to secure a place on the programme, ‘We are super excited about getting more competitors to experience events in our wonderful Geopark’.  GeoPark Adventure has worked very closely with the English Riviera Geopark to raise awareness and understanding of our local environment by staging endurance event.  Our programme of events have been successful because of the natural ‘stepping stone’ approach to developing a competitor into multi discipline endurance sport. 

The season starts with a Velopark Duathlon (‘Donut’ Duathlon-run/bike/run), then pool based Triathlon (English Riviera Velopark Triathlon-swim/bike/run) and then a few months later an open water Triathlon (GeoPark Triathlon- Sea swim/bike/run).  Triathlon England are keen to support GeoPark Adventures aim to develop the competitor into open water swimming.  Brendon who is also Chairman of Torbay Surf Life saving club is driving the belief that Torbay is an excellent open water swim venue and with events bringing new people to the bay is hoping to turn Torbay into the national hub for open water sea swimming in the UK. Clearly this is a real boost for Torbay, establishing the Geopark as a unique and exciting sporting destination for all ages and abilities.

Triathlon England are supporting 3 events that GeoPark Adventure are staging in 2015 and will continue the support for 3 years.  The objective behind the programme is to have 1000 starts for each event in 2018. 

The 3 events to be supported are the Donut Duathlon, English Riviera Velopark Triathlon and the GeoPark Triathlon (standard and sprint distance). 2015 is the first year for two of the events and the GeoPark Triathlon is in its 2nd year.  

Triathlon England are also keen to support the GeoSwim as open water swimming is a big part of triathlon and Torbay offers fantastic open water swim conditions.


Tony Pawsey
May 14, 2015

Tony Pawsey

Do you do swim only events?

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