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by Brendon Prince | April 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Yay, I got out on my bike! Lovely fresh morning ride, embarrassed to say I had to dust cobwebs off the handle bars! So 16k later including Dartington drive twice given me a great boost! I resisted the temptation to cycle to South Brent for a visit to Crumbs & Cuppa tea shop for a cheeky cake, always a great 'training' ...ride hee hee smile emoticon

The next day off to Paignton seafront for a run to Torquay and back which I think might be part of one of the GeoPark Adventure routes, great views, chilly, windy but awesome.

Wow, managed three days on the trot training, was going to swim a fourth day and bike a fifth day but it didn't happen, might be a good thing, don't want to over do it! It does get frustrating though you when plan a weeks training and then doesn't pan out. I think I am getting very addicted again and great to see a bundle of fitness gear to wash rather than a few bits!

Two weeks to my first event, butterfly's are starting to emerge out of their cocoons! I panic as I suddenly think that I’d forgotten to enter! This shows how addictive this whole process can be when it leads to panic & almost tears kick in thinking not entered the race. Well ok, not tears, being a tad dramatic!

First Duathlon of the year, heavy rain & strong wind, got half way there, all ready, with bike on the roof & decided not to race! I am not confident enough in the dry never mind this weather, very disappointed & upset but I think right decision! Let's hope The Donut Duathlon has better weather. Instead I went to support my running friend doing her 'end of 12 week training' 10k by the sea, still got very wet but at the finish we tucked into a flask of milky coffee watching waves crashing onto the beach, lush smile emoticon

I have decided after the death of my Father in Law, who died from lung cancer, to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice. They gave fantastic care for him in the last weeks of his life and amazing support to the family. I will be attempting ALL the GeoPark Adventure events in 2015 to raise money for this fantastic charity!

Here is the link to my JustGiving page -

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