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by Brendon Prince | April 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Happy belated Easter Geopark-adventurers!
I hope everything is going well for everyone and you had a great long weekend for Easter, with a bit more time for training and munching on chocolate too, of course!
I am off to visit TriCamp Mallorca on Friday (not on a training camp though!) I am going to see my boyfriend who is triathlon coaching out there, so am really looking forward to a bi...t of sunshine and hopefully a bit of cycling, swimming and running too! I, shamefully, have not given up anything this year for lent- but I do have an Easter egg in the fridge waiting for me for when I get back
How is your training going? It’s great that the weather is so much milder. When you can still feel your toes at the end of a bike ride, it means we really are getting closer to summer and, of course, the GeoPark adventure season!
I have really been enjoying my turbo sessions and spinning classes but my aims for this month are to get out on my bike more often and for longer rides, is anyone interested in doing a sociable training ride together? Maybe some of the other bloggers are keen?
So last month I participated in the Bath Half Marathon and finished in 1:38:03. I then went out with my mum (who completed her own marathon, lugging the bags around all day!) and abided by the “run now, wine later” philosophy! I also completed the Sidmouth aquathlon the following weekend which involved a 600m swim, followed by a 5km run. My swim time was 9.10, my run time 22.29 and total time 31.39. It was great fun, there were lots of competitors and everyone had a great time!
I am looking forward to the Dawlish aquathlon, the 5k Swimathon event for Marie Curie and, of course, the Donut Duathlon.
For now though, hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Laura x

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