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by Brendon Prince | March 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

March blogs from our wonderfully honest GeoPak Adventure training team. Here's Jo...

I have lost my oomph a bit & need to get it back! I haven't been enjoying my running really & not running far enough, that thing called 'life' getting in my way, busy work & busy home unfortunately means training comes off the list first when it is a long list! It doesn't help when my back realy hurts which always scares me, 10 years ago I developed a lower disc problem which sneeks back & gets me worried, make we quite low & really dampens my training frown emoticon

I am putting off swimming, I know I am, I am scared and making it bigger than it is! I am going to have to dive in (actually I can't dive) if I am going to do all these events.

A week later.... I went swimming, yay! Yesterday I finally got into the pool and yep... I am rubbish! I need to work really hard and get much more confident if I am going to swim in the sea. I think I am getting quite a mental block with it as it is so scary, I might have to find someone to teach me and push me on a bit. I really want to get out on my bike too so come on better weather I need you.

Stepping it up now, swim Monday, training Tuesday, plan to swim Thursday, run Friday & train Sunday!! BUT cold kicks in Thursday! Grr why does that happen, so it will probably be a week now until training again, knock backs are tough but will have to fight, sneeze, cough and crack on!

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