The 5th and final member of the TEAM

by Brendon Prince | January 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

GeoPark Adventure would like to introduce the 5th and final member of the GeoPark Adventure Training TEAM...

Hi my name is Simon
I have played rugby all my life and in 2011 I retired from the beautiful game due to age and injury!  Since then I’ve sat back and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, except watching sport and as a result put on 3 to 4 and at times 5 extra stone.  I feel shockingly FAT! 

It is now time to change my life and do something about my life situation.  The problem is I love my food and I’m no motivated by gyms or diets.  The motivation I needed came when I was walking on the beach at Goodrington last July. I watched the start of the GeoPark Triathlon, having never watched the start of an open water Triathlon I was amazed.  The hundred or so swimmers who ran into the water took my breath away.  They were all shapes and sizes, some pure athletes and some just like me.  Some ran into the water like their life depended on it, whereas other were elegant, considerate and took their time.  The difference between all these triathletes and me, regardless of their ability, was that they were doing it and I was watching it!  At that moment a bolt of lightning struck me to the core.  It was about time I started ‘doing it’ and stopped ‘watching it’.

I started very, very gently and for the last 6 months have got to the stage where if I had to take my top off at the beach I wouldn’t feel like a washed up whale.   I have not stopped eating, but now I’m moving and the weight has fallen off.  I try and do 30 to 45 mins a day of something.   I still have a long way to go…I can run 3 miles, swim 1000m and ride a bike for an hour or so without the need for oxygen but now I have a focus.  Signing up for an event has given me this focus.  On a sat afternoon when I would have been in the chair watching rugby on TV, I think about the family and friends who will be watching me compete and I’m up and out of the house.  Fresh air, the outdoors and living in Devon complements any run, bike or swim I do.  I hope I don’t let anyone down and I’m up for the challenge of being a GeoPark Adventure Training Team Member.

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