Training TEAM new member

by Brendon Prince | January 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

My name is Michael 'Whisky' Gartley, an engineer by trade who has spent far
too much time sleeping in vans. Two years ago I came to the shocking
realisation I had really let my health and fitness go under so I decided to
do something about it.
Late 2014 I decided, after having lost a lot of weight and was now able to
run 5km without trouble (this was someone who couldn't run for barely a
minute before), that a triathlon would be my new goal. In the process of
buying my bike I was introduced to GeoPark Adventure and an opportunity to
get involved.
I've yet to have taken part in any official races as of yet so this year I'm
looking forward to competing, even if I don't do reasonable well time wise
that isn't the point for me. Simply completing a course will be a major
victory for me.
Couch potato to triathlete? Let's do this.

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