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by Brendon Prince | January 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here is our second member of the GeoPark Adventure Training team. Is this someone you can relate with, we are looking forward to following their story in 2015!

Hi my name is Jo... Two years ago, I stood in the freezing cold, waiting to start the first Dartington Duathlon. Thinking can I do this? am I mad? I had never done a race like this, a 10k run yes, but a bike leg as well was a very scary thought. I had recently been on a cycling confidence course, that showed how nervous I was and I had only ridden this bike a few times! But there's plenty of other mad people round here in this freezing cold weather must be something good about it? A 5k run, 20k bike and a 2.5k run later, the feelings of elation, accomplishment (and relief) was fantastic. I did it! I actually did it! I was hooked and was already looking for my next race! That was two years ago and now having done: 7x 10k runs, 4x Duathlons, 2x Half Marathons, 1x Triathlon & a sportive what should I do next? 

I lost 3 stone in 13 months eating healthily and entering races which certainly worked for me. I have to be entered into a race to keep my motivation up. So with 2015 approaching, I need another challenge get rid of the half stone that has crept back on with mince pies and wine. (shh don't tell the Personal Trainer!) So what can I do? 

Along comes GeoPark adventures offering a chance to do 6 of their events which includes swimming in the sea!! I can't do that, can I? Swimming in a pool takes a lot for me to do and in the sea scares the... Well you can fill the blanks! 

But if I can do all that, I can give it a go and hope to live to blog the tale. Thanks for the opportunity GeoPark Adventure. I am looking forward to the challenge x

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