Could Louise help you to take that first step?

by Brendon Prince | January 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

Back in December we put a call out for potential bloggers to use GeoPark Adventure events as a tool for changing their lives.   A big, big thank you to all that considered the challenge. We know have our TEAM in place and would like to introduce the first member...

Hello, my name is Louise.

Sadly, I have been suffering with the condition Lazyitis for 20 years. Amazingly I have recently found a cure - yes ! at last ! thank goodness !

 It is the realisation that a time is approaching when I will not be able to help someone in need because I simply do not have the fitness. It's a sobering thought isn't it ? Not being able to keep up with my family, maybe not being able to run fast enough or long enough to find help in a life or death situation.

 So, I have make a commitment to myself : Time To Get Serious About My Health. No more yoyo weight gains and losses of 2 stone (have done that 3 times in 10 years), instead a lifestyle change involving EXERCISE and a healthy balanced diet.

 I have chosen to enter the GeoPark Adventure triathlon at the end of May (English Riviera VeloPark Triathlon) as my initial goal and the GeoSwim at the end of August as a continuation. January is my month to kick start some weight loss and basic fitness. I plan on running, cycling and swimming sessions bolstered by core strengthening sessions at home. I am starting from a low base - I can't even run a mile right now, and really need to lose that 2 stone (again). Fortunately I love swimming and combining an exercise I can do with one I can't, plus another which feels like family fun adds up to a triathlon :-)

My weekly plan for the next 4 weeks looks like this:
 Day 1 Core Strength 20 mins
 Day 2 Swim 30 mins
 Day 3 Core Strength 20 mins
 Day 4 Run/Walk 30 mins
 Day 5 Core Strength 20 mins
 Day 6 Cycle 30 mins
 Day 7 REST

 The great part of this plan is that all, or one, of my family will be joining me for my swim, run and cycle sessions - the sessions become part of my lifestyle, just like they already are for my husband, daughters and dog. Another trick to keep me on track, my eldest daughter is going to complete the junior Geopark Adventure triathlon the same weekend and will put every effort into beating my time.

 Nutritionally, I am reducing my carb & sugar intake - in a nutshell removing processed food from my diet and adding protein into every meal to aid my building of lean muscle mass.

 I'll report in 2 weeks with a progress report - wish me luck !

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