Why entering your child into the Torbay Triathlon is a great idea!

by Brendon Prince | May 04, 2016 | 0 Comments


What child doesn’t like to run, swim or bike? Triathlons are great events to get your children involved in because they include all three activities! Triathlons geared toward juniors are gaining in popularity and have many health benefits—both mentally and physically for your children.

Triathlons can involve the whole family. Once your child is signed up for the Torbay Tri, you can mark the race date on the calendar and get training as a family. If you as the parent participate in adult Torbay Triathlon, even better! You can share your experience with your children and motivate them. Plus, everyone’s health will benefit. If your child isn’t confident yet about the swimming portion of the event, why not go to the Torbay Leisure centre and practice in the pool that the triathlon is held in. Imagine if your child goes from being tentative about the water, to completing in the Torbay Triathlon!

Triathlons are not a huge investment. Kids don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to train for triathlons. Triathlons only require running shoes, a swimsuit, a bike and a bike helmet.

Triathlons are safe. Our course is very child-friendly, pool swim, velopark ride and park run.  The Torbay Triathlon incorporate lots of volunteers so your child is never alone on the course.

Triathlons build confidence. A unique aspect of triathlons versus swimming, running or biking separately, is that triathlons teach kids how to switch gears and make transitions. Kids can have fun learning how to mount and dismount a bike more efficiently or how to go from swimming to riding the bike wet. Crossing that finishing line is also an immediate confidence boost. Beyond the medals at the finish line, triathlons test resolve and show participants what they are capable of. Crowds show up to cheer participants, a definite morale booster and kids also gain from the camaraderie and motivation of the other participants. Kids learn that completing a tri isn’t about winning; it’s about the personal challenge, having fun and even giving back.

Triathlons teach training and endurance. You can’t just sign up for a triathlon and participate in one the next day. It takes training, but the Torbay Triathlon has very doable distances. All three of my children participated in the junior Torbay Tri before age 10. I will never forget when my middle boy decided to practice transitions in our driveway the night before his first triathlon. He put his shoes on and took them off repeatedly and got on and off the bike about 20 times. I have volunteered at a few junior triathlons and it’s awesome to watch the effort that juniors put into a triathlon.

Join over 150 other children that are taking part in the Torbay Triathlon and sign up today at

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