Triathlons move to SH Triathlon

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Thank you to all our followers for your patience over the last few months waiting for events to ‘Go Live’. These are exciting times for GeoPark Adventure and we are in the process of considerable change.  We would like to introduce you to ‘South Hams Triathlon’ (organisers of the Dartington Duathlon/Blackpool Sands Triathlon etc) who are the NEW owner/ operators of the Donut Duathlon, Torbay Triathlon and GeoPark Triathlon. They will be running these events from now on and they are live for registration (CLICK on event name for direct link). GeoPark Adventure will still be running the GeoSwim (3rd September) and Riviera Rock Run (5th November) but plan to focus more on the ‘Adventure’ side of our name from now on! 

Thank you to all the Triathletes and athletes who have helped and volunteered over the past 3 years and if you are owed a FREE entry then please use it on either the Swim or Run in 2017.

GeoPark Adventure would like to wish South Hams Triathlon every success with these events and we hope that many GeoPark Adventurers will support these events in the future.  Sign up today!!!!

Why entering your child into the Torbay Triathlon is a great idea!

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What child doesn’t like to run, swim or bike? Triathlons are great events to get your children involved in because they include all three activities! Triathlons geared toward juniors are gaining in popularity and have many health benefits—both mentally and physically for your children.

Triathlons can involve the whole family. Once your child is signed up for the Torbay Tri, you can mark the race date on the calendar and get training as a family. If you as the parent participate in adult Torbay Triathlon, even better! You can share your experience with your children and motivate them. Plus, everyone’s health will benefit. If your child isn’t confident yet about the swimming portion of the event, why not go to the Torbay Leisure centre and practice in the pool that the triathlon is held in. Imagine if your child goes from being tentative about the water, to completing in the Torbay Triathlon!

Triathlons are not a huge investment. Kids don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to train for triathlons. Triathlons only require running shoes, a swimsuit, a bike and a bike helmet.

Triathlons are safe. Our course is very child-friendly, pool swim, velopark ride and park run.  The Torbay Triathlon incorporate lots of volunteers so your child is never alone on the course.

Triathlons build confidence. A unique aspect of triathlons versus swimming, running or biking separately, is that triathlons teach kids how to switch gears and make transitions. Kids can have fun learning how to mount and dismount a bike more efficiently or how to go from swimming to riding the bike wet. Crossing that finishing line is also an immediate confidence boost. Beyond the medals at the finish line, triathlons test resolve and show participants what they are capable of. Crowds show up to cheer participants, a definite morale booster and kids also gain from the camaraderie and motivation of the other participants. Kids learn that completing a tri isn’t about winning; it’s about the personal challenge, having fun and even giving back.

Triathlons teach training and endurance. You can’t just sign up for a triathlon and participate in one the next day. It takes training, but the Torbay Triathlon has very doable distances. All three of my children participated in the junior Torbay Tri before age 10. I will never forget when my middle boy decided to practice transitions in our driveway the night before his first triathlon. He put his shoes on and took them off repeatedly and got on and off the bike about 20 times. I have volunteered at a few junior triathlons and it’s awesome to watch the effort that juniors put into a triathlon.

Join over 150 other children that are taking part in the Torbay Triathlon and sign up today at

Love your HEART!

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Physical fitness means different things to different people but twenty years as a PE teacher and owner of an endurance events company has shown me you don’t have to be ‘ripped’, a size 8 or bench press a small house, you just need to be healthy!

For me focusing on a healthy heart will tick most of the boxes to living a happier, longer life. A healthy heart means regularly raising your heart rate. This can be achieved in a thousand different ways, by simply walking at pace to the shops, mountain biking with your mates at Cockington or jogging along the seafront. Living in a Global Geopark, we have a beautiful environment to get outside and ‘raise our heart rates’. Unfortunately busy lives and lack of time means the ‘raising your heart rate’ thing gets forgotten about or put off till tomorrow! Humans need motivation, a goal, direction, something to focus on if they are to change their lifestyle so raising their heart rate is part of their daily routine.

As an endurance event coordinator I help people get motivated by putting on events. Taking part in an event is a statement of intent just like joining the gym, buying a bike or running to work. These activities become your new goal but you need 3 human qualities if you want to succeed and continue in these new pursuits… Motivation, Confidence and Commitment.

What is your MOTIVATION for a healthier lifestyle? Get fitter, bravado in the pub, lose weight, new experiences, health scare? Wherever the motivation comes from it’s got to be strong enough for you to do something, start small but think big! If your motivation has been strong and you are regularly raising your heart rate you will start to feel confident, the confidence your heart, legs and mind has given you to turn up and train. CONFIDENCE is the 2nd quality. With confidence you will start, not feel embarrassed, you will want to ‘show off’ how much effort and hard work you have put in. This is where the 3rd and final human quality must take over. Hills, wind & rain, time, nutrition, your weight, will all pick away at your confidence to try and instill doubt and ultimately failure. This is when COMMITMENT must take over, commitment to get up the hills, commitment to try harder, commitment to fulfil your potential, commitment to finish what you started all those months ago. With commitment you will achieve your goal; you will cross the finish line!

Do something today that will raise your heart rate and take part with others in something that will help motivate, instill confidence and encourage commitment. What will you do to get your heart rate up?

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Jo's November Blog

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Well it is nearly over! My crazy 6 race challenge comes to an end this Saturday and I realise I didn't blog about the last one at the beginning of October! I did a bit of writing but never finished it off, time goes by so fast no time to pause and think about life, I am so glad that I have been able to do this blogging because it does make me stop and think about my journey this year!
So 40k Sportive (Number 5)
Here I go again Sunday 40k GeoPark Sportive from Velopark Goodrington tough course via Blagdon, Marldon, Ipplepen, Berry Pomeroy, Stoke Gabriel, Galmpton & back to Velopark if you know those roads you know it ain't easy! I leave at 8am it will take me at least 3 hours, I am still a novice & I still have my cold which probably stuck around after doing the Ladies 10k in Donafield last week.
Ladies 10k has always been a lovely event but my PB was certainly not be achieved with a stinking cold, I really shouldn't have run it but a fab painting as the reward and amazing lemon cake pursuaded me it was the right thing to do! Good to support my lovely friend running it too and going through her own pain & challenges this running/training melarky brings! There have been so many similarities in our training, when it comes to running I have been doing it longer so the discussions we have about the highs and lows I recognise from when I started. It is the struggle with weight, food, time, to face our own demons and pain that we both identity with. It is the buzz and great feeling training gives us but also the constant fight against the difficulties maintaining a good weight and not reach for the cake and the wine!
My sister in law saw this post from 2008 and noticed my comment - "Has sprained her ankle after going for that damned run!" My comment... "Keeping fit, very dangerous probably why I don't do it!"  Made me smile thinking about how things have changed :)
So back to the race, sorry it is not a race it is a Sportive, a chance to get out and cycle a challenging route to push yourself and enjoy the joint enjoyment of the sport. The alarm is set for 5:15am! It isn't just the training and doing the events it is this crazy getting up at ridiculous o'clock that makes me wonder what I am doing! I soon see why when I arrive to a lovely smiling group of people working hard to make the event a success and I am sure have been up way earlier than me. 
Weather was kind but cold but we had some hot sunshine in the small lanes and battled up them hills. I was chuffed to not get off my bike on Parliment Hill just managing to ride past people who had got off and walked. Some going faster than me, maybe it would have been faster to walk! I did have to get off one hill later on thanks to my crunching gears.... Oh ok I am making excuses my legs screamed at me too. 
I realised near the end that I could make it in the Bronze time. Even though it isn't a race there are time incentives set with Bronze, Silver and Gold which just push you a little to work harder. Hubby was there to see me back in and didn't eat my Bronze (orange) club biscuit. Happy to be back and see him, happy 40k, happy bronze, happy to have not fallen off.
Since then I have managed to get some running in, not as much as I would have liked as the darkness comes in so early, my late evening runs are more difficult, a bit of treadmill but keeping fit on a spinning bike good fun to keep the pounds off. 
Quite an emotional couple of runs too, running in the heavy rain last week running along longmarsh (if you know it) not being able to see, I thought to myself, erm Mrs why are you doing this? I then remember my father in law and friend that Rowcroft have been there for and supported family and friends along the way, of the people dying of cancer who need such wonderful people by there side and it keep me going even though now my vision was blurred with tears.
Then running to 12k route (well almost, went the wrong way and only did 9k) seeing the amazing views battling the steps, being jumped at by enthusiastic dogs wanting to run with me and realising this is living, this is fresh air and fantastic Devon! More tears, this time happy tears :)
So that is why I do it, not only for my fitness, for my health but for the health and well being of loved ones, for the joy of life & living &  inspiring others, someone telling me my run in the rain has inspired people to also go running in the rain!
So please join me and many others on Saturday 14 November at 11am Goodrington beach - GeoPark Adventure event Number 6 to run or to support and please give to Rowcroft!

Could YOU enter an event?

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Could YOU enter an event?


It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure but what does it actually take to do an event? 5km park run at your local green space or an Ironman distance triathlon half way around the world, we believe you need 3 human qualities to take that step into events.

Quality #1… MOTIVATION, motivation to enter an event. What’s is your motivation? Get fitter, bravado in the pub, lose weight, new experiences, a change of direction after a lifetime playing team sports, be the best? Wherever the motivation comes from it’s got to be strong enough for you to part with some shillings and sign up, probably online, to a date and a distance.swim, bike, run or all three! This motivation has got to be bigger than the ability to push a computer mouse around and click ‘enter’. The motivation has to be big enough to get you out of bed for a cold morning run or on the bike after a long day at work. This motivation has to be fed to continue! Fed by others enthusiasm to congratulate you on entering an event, fed by others enthusiasm to be faster than you, fed by your desire to motivate your legs to ‘get up and move’. This is the hardest part of the process, as only your motivation will see you through the training stage of this journey. Only your motivation can remove any weakness! If your motivation has been strong you will start to feel the CONFIDENCE, the confidence your heart, legs and mind has given you to turn up on an early Sunday morning to start your race. CONFIDENCE is your second quality! With confidence you will start the race, you will want to push to the front, you will want to ‘show off’ how much effort and hard work you have put in to get you where you are right now! Heart pounding, butterflies churning waiting for the START of your event, with confidence, you will want to start your race and nothing is going to stop you. This is where the 3rd and final human quality must take over. Hills, wind & rain, other competitors, nutrition, hydration will all pick away at your confidence to try and instill doubt and ultimately failure. This is when COMMITMENT must take over, commitment to power up the hills, commitment to be faster, commitment to fulfill your potential, commitment to finish what you started all those months ago. With commitment you will finish your race, you will cross the line!

And so the event bug takes hold. You now have a NEW MOTIVATION, a motivation to beat your previous time, a motivation to be stronger and faster. The event entering cycle has started in your soul and all because of MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE and COMMITMENT.

Have you got these qualities?

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